Develop your musicality, your ability to hear and feel the rhythms, dancing with and in response to them while focusing on Caribbean dances with African roots. Hear the Drums: Oshun LEARN MORE Dance with Ania Course Develop your skills as a dancer, training with Ania Rojas Blanco.  Choose between any number of dances including Son, Casino, Timbaton, and Modern Dance or focus on specific skills that will advance your development as a dancer. Dance! with Ania LEARN MORE Dance with Ania Course Develop your self-expression in Casino dance while refining the fundamentals of ladies styling.  Step outside of the traditional model of learning dance and instead create a combination together with me. Ladies Team LEARN MORE

Ania Rojas Blanco

Cuban Dance, Modern Dance

Ania graduated as a professional instructor from José María Heredia.  For 15 years has worked as a professional dancer with companies such as Ballet Folklórico de Oriente, Sabor DKY, El Proyecto Legendarios Del Guajirito, and Tierra Kaliente.   She is certified as a professor of dance technique, has been an instructor for professional dance companies  and has toured in Europe and South America.  Ania has performed and shared the stage with Septeto Santiaguero (winners of a Latin Grammy), José Alberto “ El Canario” Pancho Amat, Mayito Rivera, Orlando Valle “ Maraca,” and others as well as being asked to participate in a private reception for Madonna in 2016.


Ladies Styling, Popular Dances, Son, Modern


Spanish, Basic English

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