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Be creative, embrace new methods of teaching, promote culture, and join a worldwide network of creative professionals.


Creativity is intelligence having fun!

-Albert Einstein

Actively recruiting

We are actively recruiting instructors as Organizers, Founders, and Trendsetters to kick off the project in 2021.  We host courses in creative and cultural arts and wellness.  Be among the first to represent your culture and area of focus and get locked in at the highest rates for life!

Organizers 100%
Founders 90%
Trendsetters 80%








Standard Course

Choose your topic, submit a description with a cover photo, and upload 4 or more instructional videos, each 3-8 minutes in length.   

Interactive Course

Choose your topic, submit a description with a cover photo, and upload 1-3 introductory videos, each 3-8 minutes in length.   

Jərnē Group

Choose your topic, submit a description with a cover photo, go it solo or partner with other instructors, and plan out your first month of weekly posts.  










Instructors with a minimum number of 5-star reviews can become featured instructors.  Get a dedicated page on the website and use of our online booking system to schedule private lessons online or in person.   Organizers are automatically set up as featured instructors. 

Real People & Places

Access is our priority.  Instructors are not required to have extensive technical skills or the use of professional recording studios.  You can film in 4K with a full camera crew or with your phone from home or while on tour.  

Organizers, Founders

& Trendsetters

Organizers (1)

Be the first instructor to join in your area of focus as a featured instructor.  Refer other instructors and get a bonus for each one that signs up.  100% net revenue for courses and groups for life.

Founders (2-10)

Be one of the first 10 instructors to join in your area of focus.  Refer other instructors and get a bonus for each one that signs up.  90% net revenue for courses for life.

Trendsetters (11-20)

Be one of the first 20 instructors to join in your area of focus.  80% net revenue for courses for life.

An area of focus is an area of creative or cultural arts within a specific culture or an area of wellness.  For example, Brazilian Dance, Scandinavian Music, Mexican Art, Yoga, or Meditation.

**Founders and Trendsetters rates for groups to be determined after pilot programs are assessed in first quarter 2021.



On-demand Videos

A standard course is designed for independent learning with pre-recorded videos.  Members enroll individually, have access to the videos for as long as they are published.

Course Content

Each course has at least 4 instructional videos averaging 3-8 minutes each.  There is no limit to the number of videos a course can have and instructors have access to add new videos or refresh content at their discretion.


Instructors set their own pricing based on course content and demand.  Recommendations provided.



Video Exchange

An interactive course is designed for personalized instruction using a video exchange.  Members enroll individually or as a group up to 5 members. Access is monthly and can be renewed.

Interactive courses allow for asynchronous learning which is usefull when you have students across multiple timezones.  It also works well for instructors with varied, unpredictable schedules and those in areas with less reliable internet connections.  

Course Content

Each course has 1-3 core videos that are available to a member immediately upon enrollment.  The member uploads an introductory video telling of their experience and goals along with an optional demonstration video.  Instructors upload 2-3 instructional videos over the remaining 30 days and review up to 3 progress videos submitted by the member.


Instructors set their own pricing based on their target audience and demand.  Recommendations provided.


Jərnē Groups

Jərnē groups are subscription based social groups in our online community.  Develop your following away from the ads and distraction of mainstream social media and get paid for it!

Bring together the best of worlds – video lessons to watch anytime, streaming videos, and live practice sessions to keep students honest.  All of it mixed with challenges, reflections, posting, liking, and sharing.

Encourage social learning, creative and cultural exchanges, and build your own global community.

Zoom integration with your personal account or a Jərnē-hosted account available

Pilot programs starting late January 2021.  More details to come!

Instructor Info


To join the community as an instructor, you must be the age of majority and be qualified to teach your subject matter.

You are responsible for your conduct and for all content that you post and grant us the rights to use your content in selling courses and for promotion.

You agree to abide by any published policies and standards and accept responsibility for reading them and staying in compliance.

Click Here to read the full Terms of Service.

Instructor Info


As an instructor, you own your content and retain the right to modify it or remove it from the platform.  You are also responsible for the content posted and for ensuring that you have the rights to use it.

We recommend that you create original, unique content not available on other platforms to increase followers, retention rates, and sales. 

For more details see the full Terms of Service

Instructor Info


Teaching Languages

We consider a teaching language one in which you can successfully convey the key elements and nuances of your subject matter.  


You can submit videos for courses recorded in any language.  The language you use should be determined by your target audience keeping in mind that our current membership speaks predominantly English and Spanish.  We do not offer subtitle services at this time.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions must be submitted in English.  We encourage you to include a translation to each of your teaching languages to improve on the auto-translation of the site.


The website is auto-translated from English to Spanish and French.  Improvements to the translation and additional languages will be added as the member population expands.  If a substantial portion of your target audience speaks a language not yet included, you can request to have it added.

Instructor Info


Revenue Share

Instructors receive a percentage of the net sales revenue.  The exact percentage is determined by your designated group – organizers, founders, or trendsetters, or by any payment policies in effect at the time that a completed course is submitted for review.  


Bonuses may be applied as part of promotional programs, for referrals, or as performance rewards.

Net Sales Revenue

Calculation of instructors’ revenue share is based on net sales revenue.  The amount is calculated as follows:

  • Gross Sales – Transaction Fees = Net Sales
  • Net Sales * Percentage = Instructor Share

How to


To join the community as an instructor, send us an email to and include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Preferred Email 
  • WhatsApp Number
  • Location
  • What you Teach
  • Website & Social Media Links
  • A brief introduction or bio summary

Tell us what interests you about the project and what you’d like to add to it.  Remember to include the name of any participating instructor who referred you.

One of us will be in touch within a few days to follow up.

Real People

Real Places

We strive to provide access to instructors far and wide, including instructors with busy professional careers and instructors in hard to reach places with limited resources.  

We ask you to present your work with the highest quality possible, especially for pre-recorded videos in Standard Courses.  However, we don’t want technical requirements to be a roadblock.

For Interactive Courses, many instructors teach online from their homes, while on tour, sometimes even from rooftops.  This means members get to connect with them as real people in the everyday course of their lives.

We prioritize access and the quality of the content when reviewing courses for approval.